My poem in a government magazine🥰…..

Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath

Hi. Hope all are doing great. I just wanted to share with y’all one of my poems published in the Rath Yatra edition of our state Government Magazine, Odisha Review. The poem is basically an invocation to Lord Jagannath. Happy reading.😇

Published in Odisha Review, June-July – 2021

Ode to my Father

For all your patience day to day
and every time a word you say,
and words that turn into memories we bind
have forever left an imprint on my mind.

To prepare me for the life I choose,
you have always given your point of views.
A life with learning, growing and falling,
caring and inspiring is your calling.

You have a consoling tender heart,
and all the wisdom you impart,
and all the sweet things you do
have encouraged me all year through.

And through your support and guidance,
hope one day I'll bring good tidings.
For being there every time with me,
I'm grateful, and I'll always be.


Addicted to you

Your presence
gives me goosebumps.
Your subtle touch
takes me higher.
Your lingering scent
drives me crazy.
Your naughty words
put me in a trance.
Your luscious voice
steers my psyche.
Your passionate kisses
leave me wanting.
Your comforting hugs
make me forget myself.
I am addicted
to you, my love,
'cause you are the killer
I cannot unlove.


United we stand : A Sonnet

We became aliens in our own land
with waters and foreign sand,
imprisoned by our own hands,
solely on nature's command.

A virus, on the other hand,
proclaims its entry so grand
that everywhere, solitude stands,
a threat that was pre-planned.

Although it's hard to understand,
our insight needs to expand.
We just need to wave a wand
and until then, walk hand in hand.

Then only we can withstand
what destiny has planned.


Memories Lost and Found

I look at the ground
so dead, not a sound,
the surface truly browned
by the sun, finely round.

There's no one around,
just vague thoughts surround,
and memories lost and found,
leave an impact, utterly profound.

Musings of the past resound,
that are blurrily gowned,
only obscure sentiments abound
in my mind's compound.

The soil gets drowned
by my tears, unbound,
as if the earth is crowned,
like pearls on the beach mound.

Why do thoughts rebound,
barking like the hound?
With gloomy figures in the background,
they continue to astound.



Tides clashing on the rocky shore,
louder than a lion's roar,
agitating the ocean floor,
echoing like a devil's snore,
knocking on her mind's door,
rumbling aloud, more and more.
Her, trying hard to ignore,
'cause they always find a pore
through her soul, that's terribly sore.
These tides that she used to adore,
are nothing now like they were before.
It all sounded like a folklore
when she said,"they robbed me of mi amor"(my love).


The Birth of a Poem

I put my pen to paper,
scribbling, doodling,
trying some line art,
then scratching them all.
Now this is where
the magic happens,
when all of a sudden,
my clouded emotions
cascade down the nib,
gracefully flowing,
just as free as a bird,
with limitless boundaries.
It may take any route,
be it peaks or valleys,
so long it's in motion.
It may be paused momentarily
by traffic of thoughts,
but then I drive past
and arrive at the endgame,
thus awakening the newborn,
the so-called 'Poem'.

The Ultimate Truth

I close my eyes
and break all ties,
no time for goodbyes,
just 'hows' and 'whys'.

From the world of lies
and of painful cries,
to the land of the wise
yeah I arise.

With suffocating sighs
of relief and surprise,
I stain the skies
with paints and dyes.

I miss cream pies
and the spicy fries.
Well time flies,
that's what I despise.

For the lows and highs
of my life, I surmise,
Is this really my prize?
'Nah', my mind denies.

So pointless a man tries
and the trouble he defies,
until the time he dries,
and then the man dies.